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The Autumn Flower Show


This event will be held in the Village Hall on Saturday 17th September. The hall will be open from 9am-10.30 for staging your exhibits. We will then re-open again at 2pm. As usual we will have a Plant Stall and a Raffle. Prizegiving will be at 4pm. We are hoping to have another wonderful show. Having visited quite a few other Flower Shows, I can honestly say that we can hold our heads up high and be proud of our achievements. Please note that the closing date for entries is Wednesday 14th September 8pm. Late entries by Friday noon. Please remember that if you have a trophy that was awarded in the Autumn Show last year to return it to Brenda Bailey when you make your entries this year.

Summer Afternoon Cream Tea .......

This year the event was held in the Pavilion on Friday 19th August at 3pm. As a thank you to all of our members this event was free for members to attend. There was a well received talk about showing off your flowers to best advantage in particular Dahlias given by Brian Bailey. A  truly wonderful spread was put on by Brenda with her helpers. In fact the afternoon was a fantastic success. Click on the cup of tea in the sidebar to see the photos. 


            OTHER NEWS

Out & About in September: 

1 st September Open Garden – The Old Vicarage, Washington, every Thursday in September

3 rd September Vintage Steam Rally Petworth, in aid of Macmillan 3 rd September Boxgrove Dog Show

3 rd September Clapham & Patching Flower Show – Village Hall

6-11th September Autumn Flower Show RHS Wisley

10th September Littlehampton Town Show & Flower Show

16th September McMillian Coffee Morning, St. Richard’s Church, Slindon

17th September Walberton Autumn Show

1 st October Yapton Autumn Show.

In the Garden – Jobs to do this month.


Jobs to do in the garden in September

Flower Beds and Borders

1. Things are starting to slow down in the flower borders in September, but you can still encourage plenty of early autumn flowering by religiously deadheading.

2. Fuchsias are at their best now, and it’s also the right time to take cuttings for next year.

3. As the annuals start to die, pull them up and compost them to give your autumn plants more room.

4. When gladioli have finished flowering and died back, lift the gladioli corms and store them over winter in a dry, frost-free place.

5. When the ground is moist enough lift and divide overgrown clumps of perennials, replanting the divided sections so that they have a chance to establish before the soil cools down.


In the veg plot

6. Plant out spring cabbage seedlings.

7. Plant autumn-hardy onion, shallot and garlic sets.

8. Harvest leeks as you need them.

9. Cut back foliage on squashes and pumpkins so the fruit can ripen fully.

10. Lift maincrop potatoes.

11. Pick autumn raspberries, and cut back the summer fruiting raspberry canes, taking out the old wood and leaving the new. When the September fruiting Raspberries have finished, cut these back to the ground. Try also to restrict their spreading.

12. Harvest apples, pears and plums, when they are ready and pick up windfalls.

 Results for Summer Flower Show 
 Saturday 2nd July 2022 


Well Done Everyone. Thank you so much for all of the brilliant exhibits that were on display. Everyone made such a tremendous effort. We had an all time record of 258 entries. So well done everybody.

Results from the Summer Flower Show The trophy winners were as followsThe Supreme Challenge Cup Best Overall Exhibit in the Summer Show Keith Perry The Bisset Rose Bowl Best exhibit in the Floral Art Classes Carol Smith The Hans Kleine Silver Challenge Cup Best Exhibit in the Pot Plant Classes Keith Perry Silver Challenge Cup Best Exhibit in the Cut Flower Classes Jeffrey Haine Silver Salver Best Exhibit in the Cookery Classes Liz Brown Glass Tankard Best Exhibit in the Art Classes Liz Brown Challenge Trophy Best Exhibit in the Photography Classes Teresa Gess The Fred Ireland Cup Best Exhibit in the Sweet Pea Classes Jeffrey Haine The George Drummond Memorial Trophy Best Exhibit in the Rose Classes Kate Dobson Glass Tankard Best Exhibit in the Craft Classes Keith Perry The Challenge Cup For the Best Exhibit in the Fruit and Vegetable Classes Bob Rogers Other prize winners were Roberta Butler-Peter Brown-Brenda Bailey-Kath Gilham-Alan Humphrey-Robert BalyRosemary Burgess-Ann Cannings-Douglas Callander-Sue Pitman-Mary Lewis-Patrick DealtryIrene Howell-Theresa Edwards-Christine Llewllyn-David Donovan-Brian Varney-Liesma Mezulis-Pat McChesney-Cpaws Nursery Class-Annie Staker-Amelia Hiatt-Ellen Staker


Happy Gardening.

From your Committee

Liz Hewson – Brenda Bailey – Ann Cannings – Douglas Callander – Sue Atkins.


Contact details for Brenda Bailey

01243 551481 or 07881552980






Download by clicking the Dahlia.....

Download by clicking the Dahlia.....



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